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IAMM Video

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

David Tronzo and I made this video as part of our presentation for the International Association of Music and Medicine (IAMM) conference, in May 2020. Our presentation, “There Are No Musical Problems: A Pedagogy for Creativity and Self-Awareness”, focused on our work in classrooms and in concert at Berklee College of Music and beyond. The pedagogy that David has developed, and that we practice, invites students to explore the fundamentals of music and their sound while working with non-musical issues that hold them back.

This video features excerpts of four of our duo pieces, “Flute,” “Chords,” “Perpetual Motion No.1,” and “Cathedral Chords.” Our performance is accompanied by 150 photos of our students, classes, concerts, and clinics.

Our team-teaching is centered on two ensemble courses available at Berklee College of Music, through the Guitar Department: Spontaneous Composition, and Modern Writing.

To download these tracks, visit:

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