writings_soundboardIn 2012, Kim was named Editor of Soundboard – the Journal of the Guitar Foundation of America. Issues under her direction will begin in 2013.

From the GFA newsletter:

After twelve years of devotion as Editor-in Chief of Soundboard magazine, Richard Long will complete his term of service with the final issue of 2012. We wish to express our gratitude to Richard for his tireless work, attention to detail, and thoughtful presentation of every aspect of Soundboard.

We are pleased to announce that Richard’s successor will be Dr. Kim Perlak (hyper link to her bio on our staff page). Kim is tasked with developing our core publication, Soundboard, as we approach the birth of a sister publication, an annual refereed journal which will serve the guitar’s academic community in a more focused way. A few words from Kim Perlak.

“As the new Editor for Soundboard, I’m excited about the changes coming to our publication in 2013. Thanks to our Layout and Artistic Editor, Kim Kanoy, the magazine will have a new, full-color look. We’re slimming the length of each issue to sixty pages, and featuring content that reflects the diversity of our professional and creative guitar community. Each quarterly issue will have a central theme approached in four feature articles. The theme will be further supported through three score offerings and an interview. Following the thematic entries will be these regular one-page columns: “Pedagogy”, “Technique”, “From the Professional Community”, “Luthier’s Page”, “Gear”, “Community Service”, “Featured School Program”, and “From the Soundboard Archive”. As usual, each issue will run news, events, photos, and reviews of recordings and publications.

I want to thank Richard Long for his stewardship of Soundboard in both maintaining its high quality and editorial vision. It is my intention and my hope to honor all of the current and past contributors to Soundboard and welcome new authors.