Doctoral Treatise

Copyright 2008, Kimberley Perlak

“Finding a Voice in the American Classical Guitar Vernacular: The Work of Andrew York, Benjamin Verdery, Bryan Johanson, and David Leisner”

Full text: 205 pages. Free download is available by clicking this link.

From the Abstract:
The purpose of this study is two-fold. First, it examines the process by which American guitarists “find an American voice” within a chosen stylistic dialect. Second, it defines the specific musical vocabulary — technical, interpretive, and aesthetic — of the American guitar vernacular and studies the way it is integrated within the parameters of the classical style. To do so, it examines the lives and works of players who were among the first to embark on such a process within their professional community, setting their artistic perspectives within the broader context of American guitar culture. In a broader sense, this study explores how our relationships, collaborations, and perspectives as players both reflect the American experience and shape our national sound on the guitar.