Articles and Lectures

Tribute to Senator Edward M. Kennedy
The Kennedy family chose this memory of mine (and my brother’s) to be part of the official tribute to the Senator.
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Concordia University-TX – Courses: Literature of the Marginalized, Writings of Toni Morrison, US History
Guest Lectures
“Race, Gender, and American Music” – with Sharon Ray (bassist)
“The Music of Jazz: Musical Themes and Background in the Writing of Toni Morrison”
“Saturday Night Meets Sunday Morning: Sacred and Secular Themes in the music of Marvin Gaye”
“Rise of Rock and Music of the Movements”

Concordia University – TX
weekend festival
“Hymn and Traditional Song Arranging for Classical and Improvising Musicians”

Austin Public Schools/Concordia University (sponsored by Yale AlumniVentures grants)
2 week residency
“The Holland Guitar Project – Austin ’10”

Yale School of Music – Yale Guitar Extravaganza VI
weekend festival
“Guitar in the American Classroom”

National Guitar Workshop (SUNY Purchase Campus)
4 week residency
“Classical Guitar Intensive”, “Beginning Guitar Intensive”, “Pedagogy/Teacher Training”, Coordinator of the Intern Program

Great Books Summer Program (Amherst College Campus)
1 week residency
Music Elective Leader, Intermediate Group Discussion Leader

Loyola University-NOLA
1 week residency
“Classical Technique for Improvising Guitarists”

Niagara County Community College (SUNY)
1 week residency
“American Classical Guitar Traditions”, “Women in Music”, “Career Skills for Guitarists”

University of South Carolina & the Carolina Center for African-American Southern Music
2 week residency
“The Holland Guitar Project – Columbia ’08”
Two weeks of concerts in the Columbia, SC public schools and at USC